Spread Trading

These strategies provide a huge amount of diversification to an investor’s portfolio as they strategies have the potential to profit in bullish, bearish and neutral market conditions.

Spreads can be used to in conjunction with a share portfolio to hedge or generate extra income for the portfolio.

Spreads are also frequently used as a stand alone strategy. Trading Spreads provide traders with the ability to access leverage, which generally means big returns or big losses.

Caution always needs to be taken when trading with leverage. It can be your best friend or worst enemy.


Why trade Short Term Options?

Trades are established to profit in a short-term time frame by taking advantage of the following:

  • Time Decay
  • Volatility Swings
  • Share Price Breakouts
  • Flexibility – the strategy is designed to suit the market condition
  • Risk Management – Trading Plan


Advisory Service

Total Options short-term Spread recommendation service caters for active investors.

The service will include:

  • Detailed email of the trade recommendation, combined with phone call to discuss the trade recommendation
  • Phone call to amend or close trade
  • As well as managing the trades Total Option advisors help with the money management rules to create diversification through a range of  different trades.



For further education on short-term Options Spread strategies, Total Options provides a detailed eBook that outline how the strategy works with real life trade examples.

Spreads eBook

The Spreads eBook is a detailed summary of short-term Option Spread strategies with worked examples.

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