Covered Calls

Covered Calls are considered a conservative and potentially very consistent portfolio income strategy. The Covered Call strategy involves selling call options over the shares you own to generate a monthly income.

This strategy is one of the most powerful wealth creation strategies available to a private investor, considering the lower risk nature and the income that can be generated.

It is a great alternative to a traditional buy and hold share portfolio as it can provide an additional income stream while still gaining capital growth.


Why trade Covered Calls and Buy-Write option strategy ?

  • Potentially consistent monthly income
  • Diversified portfolio
  • Utilise dividends to increase income


Advisory Service

Clients have access to a personal adviser who generates trade recommendations and manages the position throughout the duration of the trade.

The service will include:

  • Detailed trade recommendation, combined with phone call to discuss the trade recommendation
  • Phone call to amend or close trade
  • As well as managing the trades we will also help with the money management rules to help diversify through a number of trades.



For education on Covered Calls, Total Options provided a detailed eBook that outline how the strategy works with real life trade examples.


Covered Call eBook

The Covered Call eBook is a detailed summary of  the Covered Call Strategy with worked examples.

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